An application designed specifically for labor market reports, enabling users to craft compelling narratives and obtain precise answers by leveraging multiple packets and datasets.


The project aimed to create a user-centric dashboard reporting tool that allowed users to generate customized reports using multiple datasets, emphasizing a seamless design system for consistency and usability.


Challenges included inheriting a disorganized project with non-compliant colors, an absence of a clear design system, and a need for user research. To address these, I restructured the design files for efficiency, implemented an accessible color scheme, and developed a comprehensive design system for future scalability. User interviews and testing provided valuable insights, leading to the successful launch of an MVP.


Positive user feedback and increased interest in the application worldwide, significantly impacting global sales and user engagement. The application's visual identity now seamlessly aligns with the company's branding, enhancing its overall appeal and user recognition. The meticulously crafted design enhancements not only set the stage for the future redesign of the platform but also provided a clear direction for cohesive user experiences across the company's product offerings. Moreover, the project played a pivotal role in establishing design methodologies and standards, contributing to the development of a strong and consistent design process within the company.

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About me

I'm a Product Designer at Lightcast, specializing in four main services: Visual Design, UX Research, Interactive Design, and Development. My background in advertising and branding has forged my skills in art direction, digital design, and integrated brand marketing – the secrets to unleashing my creative prowess.

What truly fuels my fire is crafting designs that make a positive impact on society. Whether it's creating stunning visuals or diving deep into user research, my ultimate goal is to connect and engage users on a meaningful level.


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