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Contextual Research



We collaborated with BMW Group to gather primary research data to understand trends and habits in mobility, technology, and life throughout the aging demographic in the U.S.A., for the future of mobility.


We used different methods to analyze the data points, involving endless hours of affinitization and creating different diagrams to point out high frequencies


We engaged in an extensive research process, talking to over 80 interviewees within our target demographic. Interviewees cam from both urban and rural areas in the USA.

In-depth qualitative research project, conducted throughout the course of 10 weeks.

User Research

Data Visualization



The team set out to begin the initial research process by conducting one-on-one interviews which incorporated in- person sessions, phone call sessions, and impromptu sessions. Each student began this phase talking to family members or friends to become comfortable with this research method. Overall, the team conducted 56 interviews that opened the door to conversations about key insights into the interviewee’s daily lives.

We welcome tech that improves our mobility.

Through conversation, it was found that technology allows users to maintain their mobility as they age. They believe it will help them live a more freeing lifestyle while providing safety and security. Users find current options such as Uber, various "electronic devices," as well as GPS convenient. Our project demographic uses tech to stay mobile.

"Mobility is my ability to go wherever I want in the world anytime, without limitation."

Sarah Miller

60 yeas of age

Interview #56


From these findings, the team sifted insights between two topics: the use of technology in their daily lives or how their perspective of mobility has impacted the user’s lives. This allowed the team to begin to understand the motivations, preferences, habits, and experiences of each interviewee as well as the overarching theme behind the project.


The second phase of analysis began the same as the first phase, with each student writing down important insights on yellow sticky notes but this time with clearly written data and more confidence.

Once the process of clustering yellow sticky notes and labeling them with blue sticky notes was done, the team decided to take the process of affinitizing one step further and clustered them into themes based on commonality, such as convenience, self-image, independence, capability, socialization, and other topics that were mentioned throughout the interviews.

I also had the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco to meet up with the BMW Group research team to discuss the details of the tasks in order to have a better understanding of the project.

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