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To empower Field & Area Managers, within AT&T Field Service,  with data driven insights and recommended actions to reduce data review time, identify biggest impact areas of Technician development, and ultimately improve both the individual Tech and overall group performance.


A solution that enables managers to do more, with less. Built by and for the managers, designed for long term success, & delivered efficiently with co-build model.

A web application for Field Managers to have real-time insights at their fingertips enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Stakeholder Management

Interaction Design

Visual Design

User Research



Our mission for this work stream was to enhance a centralized tool for Field Managers to have real-time insights, enabling them to make data driven decisions.

Throughout my time working on this work stream, one of the biggest challenges, but biggest accomplishments, was developing a system utilizing design methodologies that would impact and become a huge part of the successes we brought to the account.

We then continued to build a better experience for their Dispatch Optimization Center Team.

Due to this work stream’s small scope, we were limited to the extent of designs we could build, but it allowed us to grab what was created for Field, and see how we can repurpose and create scalable designs and potentially implement the same techniques towards other work streams.

I was the lead designer on this work stream, collaborated with the Research and Business Analyst team, and made contributions to the product strategy of the project across several sprints.

Design & Research Methodology
Designed and lead workshops to engage users, identify pain points, and gain insight as to how we can assess and build a future state design based off of outcomes

Startup Platform



Interactive Billing Experience